Bryce + Rachel’s Wedding, Letting Go {Oklahoma Wedding Photographer, Destination Wedding Photography}

Oh, Rachel, sweet Rachel.


I didn’t know Rachel until she chose me as her wedding photographer.  Last night as she married her best friend, I lost count of how many times she made me cry.  You would have thought I knew this girl from birth.  I didn’t, I have only been witness to the love of her family for maybe a year.  I watched how adoring and caring her parents were with her.  So, when she saw her dad and started crying, so did I.  Again, during the father/daughter dance, she started tearing up, and before I knew it, I was wiping tears too.


Love dictated the day. You could feel it.


Her sunshine personality shone through in the yellow details.

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But weddings are so much more than colors.  Yeah, they are those feelings you got on your first date.  They are those moments you let yourself cry, and those moments you let yourself laugh.

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Those moments when you let yourself feel it all…and let go.


It may be the most overlooked part of the wedding for some, but really it’s the most important.  Letting go.


Letting go of the expectations and hanging on to what’s important.


Congratulations, Bryce + Rachel!  Here’s to a lifetime of letting go!

Venue: Festivities Event Center, Dress: Bella Rose Bridal

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