Big City Dreams… {Oklahoma Wedding Photographer, Destination Wedding Photographer}

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When Riley’s mom booked her senior session and we discussed location, she said, “That girl doesn’t have any country in her.” Riley, this gorgeous senior graduating from a small town, loves big city life.

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Her roots run deep in her community where everyone knows everyone, but she really likes the city.  Girl, I get it.

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It’s so nice to go back to where I was raised and sit on the front porch with Granny.  Things are quieter.  Things are slower.  It’s so peaceful.  It’s a place of solace, and I wouldn’t trade growing up small town.  I love going back and grabbing an onion fried burger in the town I went to high school, and someone stops me and asks me about my family.  But, I also love busy streets, tall buildings, and all the shopping you could want nearby.  Riley is setting out on her own adventures that may one day take her leopard heels to the big city.

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Who knows where her smile could take her.

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Riley, go on out and love whatever city wins your heart.  Plant your seeds there and grow.

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But, someday when you’re sitting on the porch on a quiet afternoon on a visit back to that small town…

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You might just decide you have a little country in you. Congratulations, Riley!

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Maybe one day she will end up in a small town….