Dancing in the Hairspray.. .{Destination Wedding Photographer, Oklahoma Wedding Photographer}

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“There’s power in looking silly and not caring that you do.” –Amy Poehler

If you’ve been around me for .5 seconds you know that well, I like a little silly in my life. Maybe I like a lot of silly in my life. Which is why I like hair stylist (rock star), Andrea Lemonds.

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The FIRST thing she said before I began photographing her was, “I don’t mind looking silly.”  I knew I was going to love this shoot.

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She was true to it, and I loved every bit of honesty that came from it.  Head shots are so different for different people. Not everyone needs the same setup to promote their art and/or their career.

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Andrea didn’t need stuffy head shots, she needed “I’m an awesome hair stylist” head shots.

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And listen, when she got her products out and started to touch up her own hair, well I wasn’t about to put the camera down then.

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I’ve seen Andrea nail gorgeous bridal hair more than once.  And now, I’ve seen Andrea dance in her hairspray, and I like her even better for it.

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I think of that Amy Poehler quote at the beginning of this blog, and I think that is so true.  How many successful, powerful people have got where they are by not being afraid of what others thought was a “silly” idea.  I’m sure people thought the iPad was silly at one time.  I’m certain people thought Jimmy Fallon was silly.  There’s power in not caring what others deem as silly.  And for that reason, I will dance in my hairspray and not care how silly it looks to others.

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Check out Andrea’s work at www.andrealemonds.com.


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Kim Scott - April 25, 2015 - 12:33 am

Love this!