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At its inception, there was never a plan for this blog, never a well thought out direction of what I would create in this space.  Which is freeing really, because there was also no expectation.  What if I write, share, and invite others in to read it?  That hatched about four years ago…four years and one hundred blogs ago.  Since then our family of four grew to five.

blog IMG_8255 IMG_8264

We moved once.  (Which is a dramatically low number for us.)

Not one but two of my babies that use to watch the bus from the driveway…


started school themselves.



And they wore the same pair of boots on their first day of Pre-K because I’m sentimental like that.

7D9A0710 IMG_0893 2

My husband lived through a bicycle wreck that could have taken his life, but instead took his thumb and a lot of life’s reservations for me.  That experience lit a fire under me to live everything now, because this millisecond that we get here on Earth is so incredibly short.  I’ll never forget crying tears of joy as our plane descended in New York City to celebrate our 10th anniversary, because he was alive, and taking me to the place he promised he always would. I wanted only to praise God that he was here to live out that promise.

(Photo by Christina Zen)

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There was a real sense of living the bucket list that gripped me after that.  Which is why we then would take a trip to Disney World. Remember when my girls lemonade stand raised $17, and they wanted to go to Disney World with it?

IMG_9819 2 IMG_9791 2

Well a few years and one brother later, we spent that $17 (and some change) on our trip to Disney World.

Disney World 2

I’ve blogged our travels, and I’ve blogged our living room happenings. The every day moments…

IMG_2889 fc

and the extra special moments that the holidays bring.

halloween blog  IMG_7983

The laughter, the tears, the life changing revelations that impacted the trajectory of what was ahead.  I didn’t know 100 blogs ago. I didn’t want to know.  Look how clueless I am in the photo from my first blog.  That girl didn’t know what was in store.

IMG_0078 2

That clueless girl 100 blogs ago, she’s learned, albeit sometimes the hard way, but she’s learned. She’s had failures, but she’s so darn grateful to what it’s brought her to now.

7D9A8486 w

I’m still clueless about some things, but I’ve learned to care less about those things and more about the things that matter.  The people, the love, and even the sadness, it shapes me.  There were tragic moments like when we said goodbye to our little guy, Chee Chee.

7D9A1775 cheechee

And hopeful moments like when we welcomed Willie Nelson.

7D9A8477 w

We have changed through the ups and downs.

easter 8 Easter 10  IMG_7366

We have done things we thought were only a dream.

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We have played together.


We have learned to not take ourselves too seriously.

IMG_9288 2

Even with all that change, some things will always be the same for us.

school 1

fathersday4 fathersday2 fathersday3

We will always have each other.  I’m so glad that God knew we needed one more for this family to be complete.  And I’m so glad that sometimes we have to go through a tough, trying time so that we can live the life we are suppose to be living on the other side of that. And I’m so glad I quit putting that awful white line through my images on the blog. Ugh.

Thank you.  Thank you for sharing it all with us, but more than that, thank you for letting your story shape mine 100 times over. As I scroll through the images from 100 blogs, I see these photos of my life intertwined with photos from your lives.  Images from when I photographed you giving birth to your baby in the delivery room move me.

7D9A2504 7D9A2608 7D9A2623 wilkowske preview

Moments from the day you shaved your head to raise money for your tiny cancer survivor, encourage me.

vanessa2 vanessa7 vanessa10

Memories of the sandy beach where you married your best friend romance me.  Seeing your mother hold your newborn baby and knowing she passed away before he was a year old hurts me.  Your lives are so much a part of mine, that the lines are blurred.  Not one part of my life isn’t touched by yours. I watched you be brave.  I watched you love big. I watched you change.  I didn’t just watch you, I had the unbelievable pleasure of telling the story of it.  Then I took those imprints that you made on my heart, and brought them into my life, and into my family.  You changed me.  You changed us.  You helped create what began 100 blogs ago. In Charlotte’s Web Charlotte says to Wilbur “My webs are no miracle, Wilbur.  I was only describing what I saw.  The miracle is you.” Thank you, to my precious children and my ever supportive husband, and thank you to you, my loyal, loving clients for letting me describe the miracle that you all are…and the many more miracles to come. Happy 100th, baby!


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Sonya - April 21, 2015 - 11:33 am

Sheradee, you have such a beautiful family. The picture of the girls sitting in the driveway watching the school bus brought back sweet memories of being you “old” next door neighbor. Although I don’t get to see your babies grow every day or sit in your driveway with the Breuklanders on summer evenings, I’m really happy to be able to read your stories and see your great pictures on your blog. I miss you guys!!

sheradeehurst1 - April 21, 2015 - 12:53 pm

Oh, Sonya, we miss those summer nights too! Life sure changed. You are welcome to grab a seat in a lawn chair in own driveway anytime! We miss and love you too!

idoappointments - April 21, 2015 - 8:09 pm

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