A Funny Thing Happened at The Park: Connor + Baleigh’s Engagement Session {Oklahoma Wedding Photographer, Destination Wedding Photography, Oklahoma Engagement}

Looking at Connor + Baleigh’s engagement session you would never know what happened that day.

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They were so cute and cozy, and the images turned out lovely.

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But if you’ve spent any time around me you know that well, somehow everything becomes a story that we’ll laugh at later.  Or so that’s what I’m told every time something like this happens. These two were laughing the entire session.

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There was a lot to laugh about…they are in love and getting married.

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The sun was providing some wicked ring shots, too.

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Everything was perfect.  The session was almost finished.  The park we were shooting at was closing, and out comes our friendly park ranger with a bullhorn announcing that the park is closing in five minutes.  Actually the park should have been closing in ten, but the park ranger decided it was five.  I directed Connor and Baleigh to head out to the middle of the bridge, because I wanted at least one image on the bridge.

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It was totally worth the bullhorn warnings we were receiving.  Everything was perfect, right?  Well, their session was most definitely.  Then, that’s when a funny thing happened at the park.  I realized I couldn’t find my keys in my bag.  I have three children, this isn’t my first rodeo with missing keys.  My husband put a Tile on the key ring a while ago.  If you haven’t heard of Tile, and your children misplace your things often, order one now.  Anyway, I called my knight in shining armor, and he said the Tile app is on his phone and he has to be within blue tooth.  He was fifteen to twenty minutes away, and my bullhorn warnings had long expired.  So I politely walk over to the park ranger with a giant smile as I now want to befriend him and his bullhorn.  I told him the situation and he so kindly said he’d wait until my husband got there instead of the alternative of locking my car in the gated parking lot.  I frantically combed over every area we shot.  I couldn’t find the keys anywhere.  I searched my bag numerous times taking everything out of it.  My darling husband showed up shaking his head and laughing at me.  (This isn’t his first rodeo either.)  We started searching.  The tile was making a noise much like the ring tones of an old Nokia flip phone, the GPS on the app was going crazy.  The old school ringing that we couldn’t track down and the out of control GPS saying we were a few feet away confirmed that the keys were here and not lifted by park aliens.  My bag got heavy.  I set it down.  My husband searched it too.  Now this bullhorn commandeering park ranger was staying way later than he was suppose to.  I believe he was motivated by kindness, but also maybe a touch out of curiosity about how well the Tile app worked.  A good half hour passed, and it was the same thing over and over again: GPS going crazy, us hearing a sound in the distance, and the three of us wandering in the woods.  Then, just before the sun was about to go down and sweep any chances of key recovery.  We went to check my bag again.  I have carried my trusty Kate Spade backpack for a few years.  For some reason, the GPS was telling us we were near the keys when we were near the bag.  My husband checked again in the bag.  No keys.  Then my McGyver found the hole.  The hole that allowed my keys to slip between that cute polka dot Kate Spade liner and the actual bag.  Yes, that’s right, my keys were in the bag and couldn’t be seen the entire time.  The entire time we marched we the “bullhorn turned kind park ranger” chasing down the Nokia ring in the distance.  Ugh.  I gave my business cards to the park rangers, as another ranger came to spectate as we were now the life of the parks and rec party.  I offered any type of free park photography they might need for their patience and understanding.  I had all but forgotten about that bullhorn and wanted to cover them in kindness to deflect from my witch hunt.   It was only the icing on the cake that when we got home I found a tick on me from crawling through the trees in the park.  A tick, I couldn’t make this stuff up people.  So a funny thing happened at the park, but also, a beautiful thing happened too. And the beautiful thing is worth way more than that thing we’ll laugh at later. Congratulations Connor + Baleigh!

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