Merry Happy Cattywampus Whatever (Family, Oklahoma Wedding Photographer)…

I haven’t blogged since October.  It’s probably my longest stretch until I say that next time.  So to usher in the new year, I thought it was time for some Hurst Christmas Photo Booth fun…about one month late.  We don’t do Pinterest baking and hand stamped wrapping paper at my house.  We bake, and I set off the smoke alarm (numerous times over Christmas), and we wrap, but it looks like my kids did it.  So, our family tradition is the Hurst Christmas Photo Booth. We do the photo booth every Christmas Eve in my office studio.  We use a remote to shoot our own family photos.

7D9A8439 w

You can even see the remote in some of the images.

7D9A8462 w

A few are even blurry, because, well, no one is behind the camera.

7D9A8458 w

That’s to add charm, you know.

Since I’ve been absent from the blog world three months, here’s a quick update. Our sweet dog, Chee Chee passed away.  We got a new dog, Willie Nelson, who yes, resembles Chee Chee quite a bit.  Willie Nelson made a photo booth appearance too.

7D9A8477 w

It’s fun when Willie Nelson makes an unexpected appearance anywhere.  Am I right? Also, mid way through the photo booth my middle child left the photo booth and put on some red lipstick.  I have to really watch this one and the red lipstick.  But, if ever there was a time for red lipstick, it’s the Hurst Christmas Photo Booth.

7D9A8459 w

This Christmas Eve my husband got off work just in time for us to set the self timer for a family photo too!  It’s cattywampus, but so are we.

7D9A8486 wMerry Late Cattywampus Whatever from the Hursts.










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