McGranahan Barn Wedding Oklahoma Wedding Photographer34Once upon a time in a land far, far away there was a princess named Alyssa.  Okay, not really, it was actually at McGranahan Barn, but doesn’t Alyssa look like a princess in her gorgeous gown from Bella Rose Bridal in Edmond and sitting on the furniture from Ruby’s Vintage Rentals, it’s storybook stuff, isn’t it? And I think film is dreamy to begin with, but combine it with this perfect storm of creatives, and it’s glorious.

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This is why I tell brides that a bridal session is so important.  While there are portraits of the bride on wedding day, it’s nothing like having a separate session.  Also, prints from the session make a great gift for your groom and parents.  But really, the truth of it is, it’s just an amazing day for you to enjoy, take it all in, and prance around in your dress.  It really does something for you, to get your make up and hair done and put that dress on, it’s such an amazing feeling.  I think that is severely underestimated.  It’s a moment to remember this time of planning your wedding, and really take a day for you, meanwhile getting memories you’ll have forever that we would not have time to capture with such depth on wedding day.

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We are able to capture so much that we don’t have time for on wedding day.  Regardless of how much time your have for photography, there is just a lot going on, and you can’t get the great images you would get from a bridal session.  Schedule bridals when you do a practice run on hair and make-up, so that way you can see how it will look and make changes if you don’t like it, and why not get one more chance to wear your dress?

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The vibe of bridal sessions has evolved over the years.  Bridal sessions aren’t stuffy, they are actually fun, and brides always tell me that.

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They are always glad that they did it.  Alyssa’s session was sunset at McGranahan Barn, and sunsets there are truly like no place else.  I love Oklahoma sunsets and from McGranahan Barn you can see the sun literally go down without interruption. It’s unbelievable.

McGranahan Barn Wedding Oklahoma Wedding Photographer34McGranahan Barn Wedding Oklahoma Wedding Photographer37McGranahan Barn Wedding Oklahoma Wedding Photographer35

Honestly if I could sit there and watch the sun set every night I would.  That glow combined with Alyssa’s gorgeous make-up and hair by Blo, it was perfection.

McGranahan Barn Wedding Oklahoma Wedding Photographer16

McGranahan Barn Wedding Oklahoma Wedding Photographer06

Don’t skip over the bridal session, brides.  You don’t want to miss out on this! Not just the photos, but the feeling.

Photography Sheradee Hurst Photography Venue McGranahan Barn Make-up & Hair blo.  Furniture Ruby’s Vintage Rentals Gown Bella Rose Bridal Floral Floral Fusion at Uptown Grocery

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Let’s lay the foundation for a great engagement session.  Really all you need is a couple that is in love…and cute shoes are always a bonus.  Darling red rain boots for the bride, well of course! Some girls wear heels that are out of this world, sometimes I have brides that are die hards for a sparkly flat, whatever the shoe, it needs to fit.  Not just in size, but the style and personality of the bride.  Don’t force yourself into heels if you never heels.  I loved that Alyssa picked something bright and cheery,  just like her.


But what’s cuter than the shoes, is always the love the couple shares.  It makes the shoot.  These two will get married this month at Chisholm Springs in Edmond.  After seeing how cute they were at their engagement session, I can not wait to photograph their wedding day joy as the sun sets peeking through the fall leaves at Chisholm Springs. We shot this session at the very end of the winter last year at a park so they would have a different look than the wedding.

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Nothing fits better than love, and it always shows through in pictures.  It’s why I love photographing weddings.  It’s amazing to tell couple’s stories.

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Hands down the best part of what I do is being a part of people’s lives. Sometimes it’s people I’ve known for a long time, others have come into my life through photography. Either way after I worked with them, it’s like we’ve been connected forever. When you share special moments like weddings or births or any milestone, it ties you to them in such a unique way. This bride, Randie, was my BFF in fourth grade. We had nicknames. I was Tweety; she was Boom Boom. I have no idea what that was about now, but I remember her friendship and her smile. I also remember that way back when, I moved and she continued to write me…you know letters with a paper and pencil and mail them to me. We lived 20 minutes apart, but it was long distance to talk on the telephone then. So, we stayed in contact being pen pals. I was thrilled when she contacted me, this time electronically, to be her wedding photographer. She planned her wedding in record time, and yet every detail was flawless.

From the beautiful soft pastel wedding florals by Inspire Events to the beautiful rings from BC Clark to the phenomenal space at Vast.

Vast sits high above Oklahoma City on the top floors of the Devon Tower. Vast weddings are like none other.



You overlook the city while dining on fantastic food, and look how gorgeous the place settings were on the table. Randie added a few small touches, but Vast is just naturally beautiful.

I captured most all of the details on film, and love the way Inspire Events florals look on film.

After the ceremony, we stepped out for some digital portraits in the low light.


These two were glowing anyway, but had the added sparkle of those BC Clark rings.


What a joyful, well intended event. Wishing you a lifetime of more of the same, Brandon and Randie!

7D9A3759Details:  Venue-VAST, Florals-Inspire Events, Rings BC Clark,

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